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Astra C™ Helps prevent the common cold and allergies. Vitamin C and zinc citrate have been added to the traditional formula, Jade Screen Powder, used to enhance the body’s protective power. Astra C is helpful in preventing colds and flu, and in treating allergic rhinitis, chronic bronchitis, and asthma. Available in 90-tablet bottle for $12.95. Discounted in April for $11.66.  Order Now.

Serramend™ Contains serratiopeptidase (also known as serrapeptase), a naturally occurring proteolytic enzyme. Serramend has anti-inflammatory effects, dissolves necrotic tissue (blood clots), arterial plaque, thins lung secretions, and may reduce fibrinolytic activity. Treats sinusitis and other chronic ear, nose, and throat disorders. Available in a 180-capsule bottle for $22.95. Discounted in April for $20.66.  Order Now.

 Xanthium Relieve Surface™ Effective for the treatment of sinus allergies.  Helps treat allergic reactions, allergic rhinitis, sinus congestion, and sinus headaches. Available in a 90-tablet bottle for $12.95. Discounted in April for $11.66.  Order Now.


Cordyceps for Immune and Lung Health
The cordyceps mushroom is considered a tonic and supporting herb that restores energy, promotes longevity and improves quality of life.  In the lab, it has been shown to increase natural interferon levels.  Andrew Gaeddert explores the promising pharmacology of this fascinating fungus.
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Medical Mushrooms

Mushrooms are used as food, and as alternative to conventional medicine. In this webinar, Andrew Gaeddert discusses indications and applications for some of the most beneficial mushrooms used in medicine.
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Commonly Seen Lung Disorders
In this webinar, Master Herbalist Andrew Gaeddert discusses the most common lung conditions including, the common cold, influenza, bronchitis, asthma, COPD, pneumonia, tonsillitis, sinusitis, and sleep problems. Download Webinar.

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