Health Concerns Gives Back at Local Food Bank

Part of Health Concerns’ mission is to be socially and environmentally conscious and to actively strive to make our community and the world around us a better place.  Every year, with this goal in mind, the Health Concerns team takes time to volunteer for a worthy cause and we lend our time and talents to the Alameda County Community Food Bank, a wonderful local non-profit and force for good here in the bay area. The ACCFB handles an incredible amount of food and relies on 12,000 volunteers each year to ensure they reach as many people in need as possible.  Collecting and distributing enough food for 49,000, the organization serves one in six residents of Alameda County.  The largest demographic served by ACCFB is made up of children and teens under 18, making up 42% of their clients.  The second largest group is made up of people aged 50 years or older.

Additionally, the Boy Scouts of America have a food drive, soliciting and collecting donations to benefit food banks nationwide.  Thanks to these efforts, ACCFB’s three acre warehouse is packed with 115,000 pounds of donated food that will be fully cycled back into the community within a few short weeks.  Health Concerns staff was there to help sort the many crates of fresh produce that will eventually find its way to local agencies that prepare and serve hot meals for those in need.  Many of us spent our time there sorting through freshly cut herbs to ensure their freshness and quality (you know how much we love herbs at Health Concerns!).  Because of a very strong storm here in the bay area, the ACCFB was left significantly understaffed as many were unable to attend when they were scheduled.  Health Concerns staff helped pick up the slack to ensure the food was sorted and processed in an effective and timely manner.  Seeing the volunteers and food bank staff cheerfully gathered, ready to work for a common good on a brisk winter morning was a truly inspiring way to spend the day.  If you are interested in making a donation to the ACCFB, you can find more information here.

During this holiday season, we hope you discover your own ways of finding the holiday spirit and spreading joy wherever possible.

Take a moment to check out our volunteer day photos!

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