Infertility – Chinese Medicine and the Tonification of the Kidney

The inability to conceive is a growing problem, especially in the U.S., which is often due to genetics, toxic overload, and age. Western aspects of infertility include endometriosis, PCOS, and low thyroid. Recently, I read an article (link below) on the effects of Chinese Medicine and the tonification of the Kidney of infertile women. There is great interest in infertility, and East West approaches and protocols to this complex subject.

There are two approaches from the TCM perspective. First is the Four-phase approach, which looks at: Regulating the Blood and Qi during the period, Nourishing Blood and Yin, Regulate Qi and Blood mid-cycle, and Warm and Boost Yang post-cycle. Second, the approach my mentors used, is the Southern Chinese Herbalist approach. Assuming there are no excesses (phlegm or dampness), evaluate for deficiency. From the Southern Chinese Herbalist approach, all cases involve kidney yin deficiency. Part of that is there are many hormonal glands and hormonal actions associated with the lower burner.

My mentor’s, from Southern Chinese Approach, typically first removed any excesses, then considered tonics. Tonification strategies: Maternal Herbal™, Fertile Garden®, Astra Essence™, Marrow Plus®. Qi and Blood Stagnation: Channel Flow®, Shu Gan™, Escape Restraint™. Shen formulas: An effective stress-reduction program along with Calm Spirit®, to nourish heart yin with Ease 2™ (for deficiency) or Ease Plus™ (for excess), Nine Flavor Tea™, or Aspiration®, and Shen-Gem™ may also be appropriate. For more in-depth review on this topic listen to the 2-part free webinar on Infertility Protocols, and download the Infertility Charts. Additional formula information is found in the Health Concerns Clinical Handbook and on our website: 


Read the article, Effects of Chinese Medicines for Tonifying the Kidney on DNMT1 Protein Expression in Endometrium of Infertile Women During Implantation Period

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