Losing Weight: A New Year’s Resolution

Weight Loss

A study from the University of Scranton and published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology found that the number one New Year’s resolution made among Americans for 2014 is weight loss.  In fact, 38% of all resolutions made this year relate to shedding pounds and becoming more healthy.  Focus on these areas is desperately needed as the epidemic of obesity among adults and children continues to grow at alarming rates.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that more than 1/3 of American adults (35.7%) are considered obese while an alarming 70% of Americans are considered overweight.  This problem cost the US $147 million in medical expenses in 2008 alone; the average overweight person spends $1,500 more for healthcare a year than someone who is not.  However, the financial cost is far less significant than the health problems excessive weight can cause. Obesity-related medical conditions such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and some forms of cancer continue to be leading causes of preventable death.

Gallup Poll Weight Graph

The Gallup Poll began tracking American weight by body mass index (BMI) in 2008.  In 2013, they noted an uptick of 1% in obese Americans, a number statistically significant and the largest increase the poll has observed since it began.  While one’s own circumstances certainly play a role in one’s health, it’s interesting to note that regardless of socioeconomic status or geographic location, all American populations saw significant weight increases between 1988 and 2008.

The bright side is that people want to change.  Americans are setting goals to be fitter, healthier, more productive in their efforts to lead better lives.  But how do they go about reaching these goals?  The CDC has published a number of healthy habits to reach and maintain a healthy weight.

Watch Your Diet

  • Follow a healthy and realistic eating pattern.
  • Keep your eating patterns consistent.
  • Eat breakfast every day.

Be Active

  • Get daily physical exercise.

Stay on Course

  • Monitor your diet and activity.
  • Monitor your weight.
  • Get support from family, friends, and others.

The urgency of this problem is clear.  To support your weight-loss efforts and those of your clients, consider the many benefits that herbal supplements can offer.  Health Concerns provides many powerful formulas proven effective in weight-loss.  Click on the following links to view the monograph for each product.



  • Rebecca Smith says:

    Great article! I highly recommend Leantain GT for weight management. Currently I have 3 patients who have experienced good results using it. Can you please make it available in a 270-tablet bottle?

    • Blake Griffin says:

      Thanks, Rebecca! We love customer suggestions and will look into the possibility of a larger Leantain GT bottle!

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